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May 25th, 2012, 04:55
Originally Posted by wolfing View Post
Thank you! Exactly what I think. I prefer games in which your character has a role, it is both much more immersive to me, and I feel a better attachment to characters and friends. It's like if in the Lord of the Rings, Gimli started casting fireballs and Frodo started shooting arrows like Legolas. Totally breaks my immersion.
Frodo doing ANYTHING other than whine would be fine by me!

I would much rather have the role switching. What happens if you've got a big adventure to go on and you don't have anybody to do the damage mitigation? If your lucky, somebody logs out and logs back in with their healer/defender/whatever. If not, you spend an hour begging for a healer. This is good immersion for you? I find it a lot easier to believe my character could just put his sword on his back and pull out his magic Scepter of Making Damage Go Away.

There's also the fact that a system like this will result in a lot more people online that can do what you need done. If somebody has to log out early in one of those "know your role and stick to it" games then you're stuck begging for help. With a system like this, somebody in your party could likely just swap some powers out and you'll be able to get through. Maybe not as easily as before but at least you won't be dead in the water.

The most important one to me, though, is that I like how it makes me play. It adds a LOT more depth to battles! Assuming you can change out skills mid-battle, you'll need to watch the whole situation and realize when it would be a good idea to take the time to swap out. (Which is why I liked my Warshade in CoH.) It should be even more interesting when everyone has multiple roles!
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