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May 25th, 2012, 10:37
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Well, first of all the more common these features become the less they'll cost to develop. Second of all none likes all features of every game, but they still have to pay for them anyway. Third the more people that pirate games, the higher the cost will be for the people who actually pay for them, so always online DRM is a win-win as long as they fix the technology as to not bother the player.
First, it changes nothing. 1cent is still one cent too much. That is transfer of wealth from players who are not interested in these features to players who want these features.

Second, every buyer buys a game. Appreciation of gameplay related features is personal. What is not is the appreciation of non related gameplay features. No weaseling out here.
And third, does it mean that games with an online requirement will cost less in the future? Let me guess: it will be said more content for the same price.

Spoiler – None related opinion, which skyrim fans won't like :D
However I wouldn't expect Blizzard to put up a crappy patch and if they did indeed release such a thing I am sure they'd release an automatic fix just as fast.
Coding is what it is. The minute buyers offered the opportunity to developpers to get their quality testing performed by buyers, it was written that patching would be that way.

Skyrim is just one example among many others. By forcing patching, any player is forced to play a version of the game (even when the player prefers a previous version)
And with Steam, there is no rolling back.
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