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May 25th, 2012, 13:12
Originally Posted by Tragos View Post
No , never .
Well, the cynic in me says : "See, I'm more developed thn you, because I can let go.
And I save money by not buying."

Originally Posted by Fantasm View Post
Look, early on this development team made the unilateral decision that Diablo was, at it's core, a multiplayer game.
This has two main implications :

First (1), it means that the "multiplayer crowd" who wants multiplayer games and nothing but that finally becomes catered big scale. I've seen forum entries of games, which were designated to be singleplayer games, with demands like "I want this as an MP game" or "why can't it be an MP game ?" or "I just wish this fine game was an MP game. It would be so much better with it."Similar entries like that.

The sub-implication to this is :

Multiplayer is good.
Singleplayer is bad.
And I hope that you are not that naive that you don't think that companies + gamers will not come to this conclöusion, no matter what. Just look at the *practical* outcome.

Second (2), the socond implication of this is the sheer market power of Bliizard and its success. How many Action-RPGs have flooded the RPG market since then ? How many non-online, non-MP non-action singleplayer RPGs have been released since then ? And I' not talking Indie products.

The sheer practical result will be that companies will more and more try to copy Blizzard.

And after THIS more-than-overwhelming success EVEN MORE.

Which will lead to a even more greater flood of MP-based Action-RPGs.

Me, I' considering being at the first wave, at the very first front line of those who already begin to become tired of that. That's because I'm more sensitive than others which means that I "sense" future developments better than others do which does NOT mean that I'm alwys right, by the way. I'm nothing but human, too.)

And if this flood of D-Clones becomes *too great*, people might become tired, too.

And then the pendulum might swing back.

The other possibility that could happen (and I think it is actually more than likely, imho), is that this genre will even cement itself further - similar to the shooter games genre. There's lots and lots and lots of WWII shooters right now, and this genre has just become expanded by Crysis, Mass Effect (combined with RPG elements) etc. .

The sheer influence of Bioware is so great, for example, that the "dialog wheel" was implemented in the "Fairy" RPG some of you might even never have heard of.

The radiation of both Bioware and Blizzard is so overwhelming that I predict both more than influencing the whole RPG genre for decades. At least for the next decade. Another 10 years of ActiBlizzard dominating the sales.

D3 could be, and this is a very, very small chance, however, already have reached its cenith. The top point of its genre.
But from there it would at least take another 10 years to "go down", if ever, that is.

And yes, I see similarities in genre development in both shooter games & in RPG games, with both haveng recently been combined thanks to Bioware.
“ Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius – and a lot of courage – to move in the opposite direction.“ (E.F.Schumacher, Economist, Source)
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