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May 25th, 2012, 13:22
Originally Posted by drae View Post
PC gaming has been staging a comeback for the last 5 years or so. Since 2010 more money has been generated through PC game sales than console game sales and in 2011 PC games raked in a record 18.6 billion dollars (expected to grow to 25 billion in 2015.) Also, considering the average budget of developing a multiplatform console game is over 20 million dollars (compared to 5 million in 2005 and about 1 million in 2000,) and that some developers have already come out complaining that developing games for the next xbox will see development costs double AGAIN, and I think you'll be seeing more developers concentrating on the PC market in the future even with the piracy threat.
Unfortunately those numbers comes from WOW other MMO, and multiplayer games. I guess I should have added it is great news for the PC single player lovers. Piracy haven't been a big factor with these MMO's / multiplayer games so sales have stayed strong with them, so has investments in these kind of games for the PC.
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