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May 25th, 2012, 13:59
Originally Posted by Alrik Fassbauer View Post
You hit the problem perfectly on the nail :

There WON'T be any non-action RPGs anymore. Period.

Just look at how many non-action non-MP non-Indie SP RPGs are released nowadays ?

NONE. And this trend will continue and increase.

Because people have voted with their Dollars and other currencies :

"We want Action-RPGs ! Nothing but !"

The SP RPG is at its end.

And the MP faction rejoices. "Finally, the end ! We have beaten them !"

This is the future I see as well.

And furthermore, this is the future I see very highly likely to happen within the WHOLE PC gaming.
That's very pessimistic. All you have to do is create the business case for a professional to make a game you'd like. If you're in a minority then you have to spend more to make your opinion count the same as several other people who only want to spend less - that's one of the reasons collectors editions exist.

There are other ways of catering for a minority market as well - lower the production values and costs so that you don't need to sell as many - so as a player to support that then go for titles that are close to what you want even if they look like budget productions or are buggy.
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