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May 25th, 2012, 22:15
Right now I don't quite understand the new DDO Market.

My understanding so far is as following :

It is ONLY for online buying of

- Turbine Points
- The Expansion Pack

for now. I almost expext that other packs might follow there one day.

Now, since this Market is newly opened, there appears to be a discount of 10 % there (using the coupon code of DDOMK10).

The questions I have now are :

- Do these 10 % apply to the current Bonus POints thing (that goes until May, 31st), too ? http://www.ddo.com/ddostorepointpromo

Edit : No, these Bonus Points seem only to apply for the IN-game DDO Store.
As far as I have understood it, NOT to the new Market.

- Do these 10 % apply to the Expansion Packs, too ? Because then they would get a bit cheaper.

However, I think that they are still a bit too far away from me, level-wise. It is very tempting to buy at least the base pack, sine with these 10% off it reaches almost the same price as reguilar Turbine Point Cards I can buy here in Gamestop shops.

But on the other hand I'm not sure what kind of payment is accepted there. And you know how conservative I am

Edit : Could it be that the Expansion will one day perhaps cost the same amount of Turbine Points (roughly) than Turbine Point Cards cost ? I just thought this, because the prices of the Base Edition and the 20 TP Cards are so much similar …
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