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May 25th, 2012, 23:42
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1,2) The majority of buyers do want these features, people choose steam over GOG for example, even if there are some people who don't care for these features, most of them won't mind having them there. There is only very few like you who feels hurt by them being there and feel the extra cost of development is an unacceptable cost.
The perception of it changes nothing to it.

The comparison of Steam to GOG was intended to be serious? It is a matter of choice when a provider does not provide a title while another provides it? Seriously?
3) Increased sales will benefit the entire industry, either we'll see lower prices because they don't need to compensate for piracy, or we'll see more content for the same price, because they earn more money on each game. But by far best of all, this will be pure gold for PC gaming!!! Gone will be the days of companies moving to consoles and focusing only on consoles, I am sure we'll also see a lot more PC only titles, and much fewer PC game developers going bankrupt.
Consumers are part of the industry? Arent consumers supposed to take options that benefit themselves and themselves first?

Good, so more content,as expected, even though it has to be that way. So easy to attribute it to the online requirement. Accordingly, the new solar flares activity will lead to more content in videos. Check it when it happens. In the next years, more content in games, all that thanks to the sun activity.
Patches) Again they'll need to learn and also have much more pressure to make a higher quality delivery of patches, no more "you don't have to play with that patch" excuses. It'll be more like MMO's make the patch wrong and you're punished severely by angry players!
But developpers/publishers have learned. They have learned that as they are allowed to push for unproperly finished games, they can release unfinished games.
They have taken their lesson.
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