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May 26th, 2012, 09:27
Well, after most of y'all fled for the hills, JM, Dte, and myself took it upon ourselves to kill something in Shavarath. 15 deaths later, we completed Sins of Attrition.

Largely, this quest shows why it's good to have a heavy focus on hitpoints. The Orthons there do 80-90 damage, per hit, and love their cleaves in melee. They do around 30 at range, multiplied by three due to using repeating crossbows. Poor Mariannelle couldn't stand in melee, getting chopped down rapidly by the incoming spike damage. Botdu likewise fell whenever he got pushed into the melee. Rachail could stand only a moment before needing healing, and she's around 580hp.

The killer is those Cleaves, rendering anyone in the wild mess of a melee that occurs in those halls very vulnerable. Mariannelle's 370hp wasn't sufficient to stand up when 3 or 4 Orthons all took a cleave at once.

However, what stood out and impressed me the most were the Onyx Panthers JM and I summoned. With 638hp on tap, and evasion, and enough AC to mitigate much of the incoming damage, they were nearly impossible to kill. At one point, mine had at least 4 negative levels, judging by the number or restoration scrolls I used, and still managed to bring down an Orthon solo. They also seem to have, and use, Intimidate often, enabling us to catch a breather occasionally. Quite frankly, we could have ditched Klin for another one. Klin died around 30 times. Every minor fight, he died. The Panthers did not die once.

In the end, Bot's skills as a combat healer, Rachail's ability to use scrolls, and the Panthers' innate durability helped carry the day. I burned through 10 Raise Dead, and 41 Heal scrolls. At one point, I used my Panther to carry mine and Mariannelle's soulstones back down to the Shrine, and JM did the same later. After such a difficult battle, the end fight was trivial; I grabbed aggro quickly, letting Mariannelle get her lovely SA damage. Boss went down fast at that point.

I did get a Superior Potency VI/Wizardry VI necklace. On a pure Fighter that, if my TR plans were followed, would be a Rogue next life, or possibly Barbarian if my time in the trapper duty as Pump makes me decide against that role again.
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