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May 26th, 2012, 20:09
Ah, okay. I had thought it was just a "cosmetic pet".

And now I understand why someone in the forums wrote that hiss Onyx Panther had broken a streak for him. I had problems to understand it, because I didn't think that "cosmetic pets" could have levels.

I had bought myself such a "pet" from the Turbine Points I had won because I had been on Lamannia. And I don't think you've seen it yet.

Edit : Eberron Chronicle question :

What monster do you think would taste best BBQed?
Answers include :

- Wraith
- Eliticists
- "BBQ Mudman"
- Jacoby Drexelhand
- bacon
- broccoli
- flesh golem ("Probably a flesh golem out of necro, they are made out of pure meat, really, it could be ham, beef, chicken, fish or all of them… one would of course need to cleanse some of the unholy magic that gives them life first.")
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