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May 28th, 2012, 17:41
Originally Posted by fungus View Post
I don't know, they did a lot of thins wrong but in the end it was the devs that got axed for mistakes done at higher level. As usual, management craps and it's the workers have to deal with the shit. It's always sad to see mass lay-offs, even if the company wasn't that great.
Of course I hope things work out for the workers, and that they can find a better developer studio in the future. Or even better; form a new one (which doesn't try to screw their customers every chance they get). I also hope someone pick up the KoA IP (for the sake of their fans).

It's not all bad though (as some people seem to imply): I think Bethesda have done a lot right lately, and they have earned a lot of goodwill from me. As has CD Project (I don't really like their games (the boss fights in particular), but I still buy them to support the company) and Larian Studios.
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