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May 28th, 2012, 23:37
Larian Studios is working on a new Divinity game, which we had the opportunity to see. A game that brings us back to playing style we know from the original Divine Divinity - but with a few surprises…who would have expected a turn-based Divinity game?
A few weeks ago I was invited by Swen Vincke to visit Larian Studios and have a look at both Dragon Commander and their newDivinity game. I did not want to let that opportunity pass, so a week later I drove to their studio in Gent (Belgium). I didnít go their unprepared but came with a list of question about Divinity 3, like what improvements were made to dragon flight, if the dragon had ground combat, if the game would go in the same direction as its predecessor or be less of an action game and many questions more. A list I quickly found out was useless as they are not makingDivinity 3; they are making Divinity: Original Sin - a prequel toDivine Divinity - a game that inherits everything that was good from the first Divinity, adds a lot of new features to enhance it even further and is Swen's hope to getting his Ultima VII vibe back. It was quite an amazing experience.
Read it all here.
More information.
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