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May 29th, 2012, 13:15
I was hit by the same bug, talked to some people and it seems to be a frequent one. No conversation with the shaman or any NPC whatsoever will help. At this stage the ridiculous fight is mandatory. [edit: IF YOU TOOK THE DESERTER TO THE COAST AND WENT BACK TO THE VILLAGE BEFORE DISCOVERING THE WALL OF FLAMES AND TALKING TO THE SHAMAN.] And apparently you lose a plot-related cutscene in the temple. I'm saying "apparently" because the bug was enough to stop me from playing. Being idiotically forced to fight a whole village of natives (why do they attack the right hand of their future leader?) + a handful of inquisition soldiers was too much.

… I wanted to order the inquisition soldiers to attack themselves with voodoo, but the game crashed twice when I did it. I'm waiting for a patch to continue playing.
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