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May 30th, 2012, 21:39
Originally Posted by Wulf View Post
6. This part is critical. By game intention, a fight will break but you need to defeat both Garcia and Scarpetta *without leaving the hut* do not exit as natives as well as any Garcia cohorts will attack - - -> you will NOT be attacked by natives etc' if you stay inside the Garcia hut!

I'm sorry, but that was not my experience. I didn't leave the hut, but my henchmen always maneuvered so that he did, or people saw him attacking (he used a musket). Every time I tried. Perhaps under some conditions this may have worked, but for me, with my companion choice, I was attacked by everyone, every time. Being forced into a confrontation like that also lacked any subtlety. It also makes no sense that people would ignore you attacking their glorious leader in plain sight - anyone can see what's happening in the hut.
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