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May 30th, 2012, 23:45
I think we can actually do epic quests if we want to with our level 20 toons. Once the expansion is out we get an even better reason to play epic quests.

What I like the least about epic gear is that I need 4 different parts of the item and the drop rate of each part is low. So you have to farm for months before you get your epic item. Since we're not playing so much at the same time it means it's hard to farm it.

One reason we can farm Shroud is that it's so easy to join a shroud group. Regardless of the outcome of the raid you get ingredients and shards you can use. In the epic farming you might end up with just junk many runs. If we have a guild run we can cooperate so we trade items we pull to the one needing it the most. We know what we can get from a quest so we can make runs to ensure we have a chance for several good ones.

We could also run Shavarath and Cannith quests for items as well. There are many good items we can get from these areas.

I think the main reason we haven't done them is that they're too high level to do with 1-2 guildies and hirelings, even on normal. So we need a full group or at least almost a full group. That means we might rely upon pugging. You might have to wait awhile for such quests to show up in looking for member (LFM).

I certainly will join if any of you want to make epic runs.
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