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May 31st, 2012, 07:07
Originally Posted by Fnord View Post
How well has the first three Tomb Raider games aged? I only played a little bit of the first one back when it was still new (and I was horrible at it). Would these still be worth it for someone with no nostalgic ties to the series?
Definitely no. If there is no nostalgia involved then you will want to try the newer games like Legend or Anniversary.
I kind of have to disagree with JDR on them not being great games to begin with. They were awesome games for anyone who is/was into this kind of experience.
You just have to like the particular style though. If you don't then there's no way you're going to enjoy these games since they are all very similar in structure and are based on the same formula.

If you enjoy action adventures that require some pretty serious mouse/keyboard skills including a good sense of timing plus some fairly complex puzzles then the Tomb Raider games are all you will ever need.
Also back in the day the level of exploration with climbing, swimming, diving and vehicle usage was just about unmatched. The first game was also visually very pleasing (not just because of Ms Croft ) if you had a 3dfx card.

The series kind of went downhill after part deux but the newer games, Legend and Anniversary, are pretty good again. If you like the style then you'll get tons of enjoyment out of beating the levels including the Croft manor (Lara's home which is a whole level in and of itself). It's also fun to hunt for the optional unlocks like bonus outfits for Lara etc.
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