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May 31st, 2012, 17:04
To be fair Witcher was based on books. Books where the main character is as oversexed as James Bond and Duke Togo combined. Geralt running around sleeping with everything was built into the system. They don't have to go in that direction if they don't want to.

As for "mature". Well Mature is hard to get right. Witcher's mature was violence, and sex cards. Dragon Age's mature was… Also sleeping around and having tons of violence. Age of Decadence's mature seems to be a great deal of swearing, and people being being selfish and self centered. Banner Saga's creators have mocked the use of sex and violence as a standard of maturity, and promises there game will be mature, and then as an example cite the Song of Fire and Ice novels (books filled with violence, sex, etc). Seems to me far too often trying to create a mature setting results in juvenile one. Maturity is a long and complex discussion, so I'm just not going to bother, but hope one day someone comes along and gets it right.
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