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June 1st, 2012, 12:53
JoNik: Let me know how it goes. Remember to uncheck my mod (rename it to .vdf.disabled or something) at see if it still crashes. The mod is quite demanding because of the much higher poly count, so i would not recommend using zhiqualityrender from the console (it crashes my game). zfogzone can work, but even that will be too much for most computers, at least with the next version of this mod..

From experience i've noticed that sometimes trees are missing if you arent starting a new game, so it seems like this mod works best starting from scratch and not from old saves.

Next release version will be v0.6 and it will contain substantial changes, like new mountains (with either improved uv-mapping, some completely resculpted), various groundcover, new trees, new rocks and waterfalls. I've also figured out how to animate everything, so that i can for example improve the very static looking rye fields.

It might take a while though (approx 2 weeks to a month).
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