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June 1st, 2012, 19:27
Your first 3 are excellent choices. Lots of content for your money and excellent loot available. Approaches "mandatory" content, really. We'd have to introduce you to The Blood Stone Run. Who know, maybe you could out-do Az and Peter and actually get that trinket and join the select few (or maybe you could even get two, like a certain impressively skilled and handsomely charming individual ).

Threnal is different, but it's got protection quests. 2 out of 4, IIRC. Protection quests are simply not fun to run because DDO always seems to make the protect-ee a suicidal numbskull. Tends to be very frustrating rather than fun.

If you wanted an alternative to Threnal, I'd look at Lordsmarch2. I think the official title is Assault on Stormreach. The quests are a little different and there are some very good items that you can craft.

The other series I'd recommend is Harbinger 1 and 2 (Harbinger of Madness and Reign of Madness, I think). Those two have some good loot, but the big thing is that the quests are very unique and have some good humor. Much higher level stuff, though, so you might hold off on those until later.
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