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June 2nd, 2012, 05:15
Originally Posted by JDR13 View Post
I was a big fan of King's Field, but I don't see this game being very similar with grid-based and turn-based movement.
I think the "grid based and turn-based movement" is not defining a game at all.
It's merely a game mechanic. Like you can have a real time combat or a turn based combat. Or you can have an iso-perspective or an ego perspective.

That's already one of the "errors" most people made with Grimrock. Just because Grimrock has a grid based movement system, it does not mean it's like Eye of the Beholder at all. Grimrock is mainly a puzzle game with some arcade combat and RPG elements mixed in. Eye of the Beholder on the other Hand also has some story, stuff to explore and stronger RPG elements and if you take Lands of Lore as example it becomes even more clear.

Lands of Lore on the other hand switched from the tile based movement in LOL1 to normal movement in LOL2. But it stayed LOL (besides of the graphics which I hated in 2+ ).
Same goes for the german RPG "Das Schwarze Auge" (Realms of Arkania). First part had tile based movement. Second part had tile based "maps" but you could chose whether to move tile based or "normal" and in the third part the tile based system was completely gone.

But it's not the mechanic which defines a game alone. It's the sum of it.
And therefore all the rest, the feeling, atmosphere, combat, story and so on might be what you know from King's Field (which I can't exactly say, cause I just looked up the game on youtube as I didnt know it).
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