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June 2nd, 2012, 11:31
A bit more on Random Number Generators (RNG):
Technically, most if not all the RNGs implemented for computers are pseudo-RNGs.
That means that with every different seed number you get a different random sequence of number (up to around 2*10^18 if I remember correctly). This sequence is truly random. However, the actual sequence of the numbers is fixed for one seed number. So if you call the random function a second time with the same seed number, you will get the same random sequence. And the sequence will repeat itself after the top limit, but there are ways to expand that.
(For more info see: Numerical recipes in C/Fortran/etc.)

Anyways, this way it is possible to generate the same randomness on different computers, if they decouple the random seed numbers from the computer clock as that's how it was usually done in low-level coding.
Just like Kordanor said.
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