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June 2nd, 2012, 16:00
Or he does not know what some players understand by turn based.

Anytime the resolution of an action is conceived in terms of turns, rounds etc, the game is turn based.

Free flow or sequential flow (turn by turn) does not change that.

JA2 alliance is 100 pc turn based, including during free flow gaming sequences.
You can arm an explosive any time and the resolution of it goes through the sequence of turns it requires.

One thing that could give hint, in a turn based game, when the flow is paused, the interruption comes after the end of a turn.

In a real time game, the interruption comes with the proper game cycle.

As a consequence, an action whose completion is performed in one turn can not be interrupted through pause. The action is completed then paused.

In a real time game, any action taking more than pause tied game cycle, can be interrupted.

Clearly, some players associate the turn by turn sequence as being exclusively turn based games.

Jagged alliance 2 could be reworked to be like jagged alliance 3, with a plan and go scheme.

Those players would no longer perceive jagged alliance 2 as being turn based even though the resolution of actions is based on a turn structure.

This guy's game could be structured around a turn based resolution of actions.
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