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June 2nd, 2012, 17:49
You might refer to my post there, but all I wanted to do is to make clear you shouldn't throw you money blindly to any project

About the Turn based stuff:
I think in Update 10 he made it very clear what he means by turn based and how the game will work.
The Game will work in a "I do, you do" manner. I don't know if Dungeon Master worked that way.
The way the game works it pretty rare and the only other Game where I remember this way was used is Eschalon II.

Basically if you are standing still and do nothing the game will not progress at all.
If you have an empty tile infront of you and a tile after that is an enemy and do nothing, nothing will happen. So even if you go fetch a coffe, the enemy will still be standing at the same spot. Now as soon as you would move away to gain an additional tile of distance, the enemy would move, keeping the distance at one tile.
Or lets say you shoot something at the enemy, then the enemy would make it's move and be in melee range.
But all the processes will appear fluent. There is no "end turn" button or something like that.
I looked up a scene in Eschalon footage where you can see this "turn based" system in action. You will see that it does not look like turn based at all. But it still is, and not just in the background. This however only works that fluently if you have only one character to control.


They don't need it. But these days it's somewhat stupid to not take the extra money and the extra publicity from kickstarter. And it helps to make the game even better.
Xenonauts is an additional example. They pobably would not have needed kickstarter at all. But as there is no negative side-effect (I can think of) for the project…
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