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June 2nd, 2012, 20:43
The dev openly admits (in the comments and videos) he has trouble explaining things clearly sometimes. I think he is referencing Dungeon Master mainly in the grid-based, 1st-person view aspect, not claiming DM had turn-based combat.

From what I understand, Kordanor and getter77 described well the type of turn system they are using (exactly like Rogue, Nethack, etc..). This is explained in recent videos from the dev.

The way I imagine the game is like this:

roguelike turn-based gameplay + procedural everything (infinite) + old-school grid-based 1st person perspective + modern graphics

I think they also add in more RPG elements such as NPCs, quests and story elements which roguelikes don't often have.

As for the lack of a party - he mentioned in some comments that will possibly be something they pursue in the sequel. I agree a party would be preferred but understand that they are too far along at this point to totally change the character system.

On the money subject - I think asking $6000 (their original goal) for resources to polish the game is totally reasonable. Artists and art assets cost a lot of money, and honestly that figure is pretty low. The visual area is the part I think needs the most work, based on their videos.
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