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June 3rd, 2012, 12:24
Originally Posted by choovuck View Post
ah, good point then. also shows that I never read "The Colour of Magic" lol. not sure which gap I should fill in first now Colour of Magic or Dungeon Master XD
You should fill both of the gaps

And to the other folks:

1) if the game really works in the way you described, than fine, I'd say it's a very nice concept and I'd consider backing it, but the dev simply made an unfortunate blunder when he said it's "turn-based like DM" at the beginning of the trailer: the system you describe is of course nothing like DM. (Even if, who knows, it might make for a better game and should definitely be advertised )

2) notice that in terms of action system Eschalon is more akin to roguelikes than to traditional "turn based" games like Gold Box, Dark Sun or Fallout… it's (almost) universally "I move one square, you move one square".
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