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June 5th, 2012, 13:07
Please read this page, it is explained there : http://www.ddo.com/us/stoneofexperience

My Ranger got "sytoned" yesterday by some unknown person, too.

And he received *lots* of starter gear. Like it seems everyone gets who gets "stoned".

He still is level 14, since didn't do the *actual* level-up yet.

So he could join a Frame Work quest without xp penalty.
It worked out that another PUG member wasn't flagged for it, so we did a kind of "speed run" of Diplomatic Impunity, too.

I'm not quite sure from which countries the PUG members were, but it was truly international at one point

- Greece
- Durch
- Poland
- Germany
- someone speaking English, but I couldn't see his nationality
- someone claiming he was from the same time zone than I was

I suggested talking about the European Championship at one point, but no-one took notice.

It was a weird, but not bad PUG. Sure, we had our problems (like a few members losing connection, like me as well), but all in all everything worked out fine.

Last, one member, who was already Arcane Archer, insisted that I had to rearrange things (feats + enhancements). I told him several times very politely that I knew what to do, but wwas on the other hanbd glad that we checked everything through. Then I left, after a "good night" (it was long after finishing the quest).

I plan to do a few more quests without really levelling up in order to reduce XP penalties.

@Peter : I'd like to do that Caravan quest with you within the next days, if you don't mind.
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