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June 6th, 2012, 17:10
Originally Posted by rune_74 View Post
Darker? Alrik is going to flip out.
Yes. And that's why I'll most likely won't buy it.

The setting is that of the Black Lands - recently renamed into Shadow Lands - where Borbarad's Minions reign. And these are demon-summoners, summoners of undeads, yes, even undead ones and demons who "live" on their own ! (In TDE, most forms of undead ones are possessed by a demon who kind of used the skeleton framework as his "vehicle".

Borbarad is dead since 10 years ago, but that doesn't mean much. Some of his minions are dead nowadays, too, but there still are far too many force-hungry pople dominating the lands, using people for their sacrifices to please Archdemons who in turn give them huge powers.

The demo of Demonicon I played on the RPC brought in the element of the banned "Blood Magic". Borbarad, of only the Marked Ones and very, very few people knew he was a half-god with Hesinde, the Goddess of Knowledge as his mother, was holding the opinion that *all* people should be able to ue magic, even those who lack the natural resource to use magic : The thing that's clled in the rule set "astral energy". His brother Rohal wanted to prevent him from forcing through his opinion.
Using magic without astral energy is possible only with two ways

- banned "blood magic", in which you use your very own life energy to use magic
- a pact with a certain Archdemon, who in turn grants the possibility to use a certain kind of demonic magic.

Power-hungry people use these ways in the Black Lands since then, if they ddon't have Astral Energy.

The Black Lands are literally infested with demons and with undeads and ith unholy magic and with unholy things in general. The Black Lands is not a nice place to live in.

The game will be very, *very* bloody. It reminded me of Dragon Age in this respect.

Originally Posted by Tragos View Post
Is this going to be again group / turns combat ?
It looks interesting .
No. real-time combat, much like an action game.

I don't quite understand whether it will allow co-op gameplay or not. You do have a companion, though.
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