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June 6th, 2012, 22:08
Originally Posted by JDR13 View Post
ARPG can mean different things. I'm looking forward to seeing some actual gameplay..
As I mentioned above, I played the demo a bit.

It is very much like action combat, but this early part of the demo I played this year on the RPC it did contain not much of it. There was lots of dialogs, though. Kind of an introduction.

The demo - and I really assume that this will be an or the introduction within the game - took place deeply inside of the Newtmountain, a mountain beneath (?) Waruink, filled with lots and lots and lots of caverns and corridors. It said it was for a long time of the infamous Pher Drodont, an evil magician of some sorts. He did evil experiments there, one dialog entry said.

I could not find a single thing reminding me of Drakensang. I mean regarding stats and talents. Not this complexity. Not at all. Everything was reduced to an minimum, at least this was my subjective impression. I don't remember much anymore, unfortunately.
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