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June 8th, 2012, 04:07
Originally Posted by killias2 View Post
The thing I don't like about the Witcher/Witcher 2's take on player choice is that decisions matter.. but you really have no idea how they'll matter. You're given a choice between options which are, usually, equal morally, equal in terms of obvious payoff, and which lack any major discerning qualities.

It's like RPGs are split into two halves:
1. Choices are obvious to the point of having little symbols telling you exactly what the moral weights of the actions are and what the repercussions are.
2. Choices boil down to just a coin flip. Even "role-playing" (i.e. - staying in character in-game) can often fail to generate a response in, say, the Witcher games because the choices can be so rigidly equivalent.

I feel like we can do better than this. I've been playing with writing an in-depth analysis of morality in RPGs. I feel like it's a part of the genre that has really atrophied and which was never dazzlingly successful to begin with.
I think not knowing the consequence of choices is pretty realistic. I can think of many choices in my life that haven't turned out like i thought they would when I made the choice no matter how well intended I thought I was at the time.

I've made choices I thought were no brainers, only to have them blow up in my face and I've made choices I didn't even know mattered until seeing the results years later.

Obviously we make short term choices everyday that we can predict the outcome of with almost 100% certainty but long term choice are very difficult to predict no matter how sure you are of the outcome.
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