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June 8th, 2012, 04:30
Good survey! I think it might have been better to divide the first question in part 3 up into "never, rarely, occasionally, often, always". "Never" and "always" mean I can't think of ANY exceptions!

I remember "spamming" in a game called Orb Wars. This was WAAAAYYY back in the late 80's, long before "spam" meant anything other than canned meat. They set the game up so you could issue commands with macros. I set one up to keep sending tells with looong messages in them. Being as how we were down at 1200 baud at the time, that turned out to be a debilitating attack! I only used it once and I asked my opponent before the match if I could try it out. After we found out how well it worked, we both went to the developer with it and they quickly cut the max size of a macro way down. Since I got permission I wouldn't count it as griefing but still, it means I was spamming back before most spammers got out of diapers!
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