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June 8th, 2012, 06:59
I did not see the tiny 2pt font message on the box refering to needing a steam account until I looked again after reading about it here now. In fact I didn't see the BOX before i bought it, I paid and they handed it to me. It may have been discussed at length on the internet, but I didn't read it because I don't spend that much time reading about future games, so don't act like anyone who didn't know ahead of time is stupid or lying. If i had seen the requirement I would have been annoyed, but still have bought it, because I've never used steam before and didn't know what a giant steaming piece of poop it really is. Yes it makes me angry that I have to get a 3rd party software installed and create an account, and that I have to have internet for a single person game. And "It's fine if you don't like Steam but if you feel so passionately about it, it's your responsibility to do some minimal research - starting with reading the box" - why should I research to see if a game uses a 3rd party app I know nothing about and have no reason to know is a possibility, in a series that has never had it before?
But my real issue is I have had all the issues described here by other users - crashing, hanging, rebooting my PC, "Skyrim is not available" for 2 weeks, and last night it wouldn't start but would give a message about network error after 5 minutes of not responding. Working tonigh though I did nothing to fix it. I am a computer tech and have no problems with other games\apps on this PC, so don't say my computer is broken or I don't know how to use it.
1/2 the times I've started the game, I have to wait for 30 minutes to install a patch before playing it, by which time I've lost interest or need to do something else. Let me patch it after i'm done playing.
I don't like them collecting information about me, my gaming/buying habits etc, though I'm not all that paranoid about it. However the attitude "we all cared about these things in 2005, but now no one cares because we've accepted it" only means most people are sheep and accept whatever is pushed on them and eventually compromise their beliefs. It doesn't invalidate the concerns, or make the people that still have them wrong.
I don't really want to get into the morality or economics of piracy because no amount of arguing will change how either side feels, but I do have to say that the assumption that cutting piracy by x increases sales by x is just fundimentally wrong. Also whoever said cutting piracy by 4% will double revenue, do you not see how stupid that sounds? That would only be true if total sales were equal to 4% of piracy, and I don't think any software in history has anywhere near that ratio.
So now I could mess around more and try to get steam in offline mode, but i've messed with it enough. I will be installing a crack this weekend.
I pirated Morrowind but only play a bit and lost interest because the story starts slow, but then gave it another chance and liked it so much I purchased the GOTY edition bundled with bloodmoon and tribunal. I bought Oblivian shortly after release at full price and while the story was weak and the gates tedious, but was still good and the world is beautiful so I still greatly enjoyed the game. I bought Skyrim a shortly after release but with all these issues I've gotten frustrated and haven't played much, I'm still lvl 12. When the next Elder Scrolls comes out, I will not buy it but will pirate it (except the MMO i heard about, I won't even bother pirating that if its even possible). And I don't care if you all disapprove. If they fix their act and make software that deserves it again, I'll buy again. And having steam is only part of why I say that. The cumbersome poorly ported xbox interface that closes as often as it open what you click, the stripped down quest log that only shows the last entry - 1/2 the time I forgot why i was looking for that dagger i just found and its telling me to take it back to farmer joe - and problems still there since Oblivion such as accidently bumping a plate on a shelf in your house and the shelf explodes its contents all over the room and it being impossible to put the junk back. This could have been fixed by now. It almost feels like an EA game - a lot of talent going into it but rushed to market by people who only care about money and have no pride in the product.
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