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June 8th, 2012, 10:39
Originally Posted by killias2 View Post
In the Witcher games, your role is predefined. The choices you make pretty much have no impact on who the Witcher is, how you perceive him, or how he perceives the world. They play a minimal impact on how you achieve your goals, but rarely is that the focus either. Instead, the "moral choices" in the Witcher basically act as a mechanism for selecting your "path" in a game, where the path hardly matters in Witcher and matters only during the middle chapter in Witcher 2. All in all, the moral choices in the Witcher do little other than help give character to the world.
That's not a bad thing to do, and they still help bring two great games to life. However, moral questions really don't play any interesting role in the Witcher games -as games-.

While I love both Witcher games, I just don't think any of the games out there (including the Witcher games) are doing moral choices anywhere near right, and only a few classic games came anywhere close themselves.
Spot on. The moral choices stuff is sucker deal as developpers struggle to implement the context required to role play a character.

Morality is more delicate than role play and aiming for the first while you struggle to deliver the second is jumping at the stars.
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