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June 8th, 2012, 11:21
Well - $150k is a nice sum of money if you win it in the lottery or something like that. But trying to run a company, it's not much.

First there's a fee for Kickstarter (around 10%). Then they also have to spend a little on the physical goods (plus setting aside work time to design, produce and order them). Then there is software licenses.

Obviously I cannot know what salary level the core guys are willing to work for, but the point would also be to bring in more people on contracts or full time. Those guys probably expect at least a reasonable salary - for which they also have to pay tax and so on. And insurance for their employees, etc. It just cost a lot of money to run a company.

They have done some impressive work so far, but it takes *a lot* of work to finish stuff up.. getting it polished, making it fun etc. And experience in keeping the right focus and knowing what to work more on and what is good enough. I respect the Iron Tower guys, but no-one can claim that they are known for keeping deadlines!

Anyway, it's just my personal opinion that $150k is far from enough to create a game with the complexity they suggest… I'll be happy if I'm wrong…
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