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June 9th, 2012, 00:11
They have computers in Japan. However, they use them mostly for work, I think. Some years ago, I saw a Danish? documentary - or maybe it was German or British? on how the Japanese live.

And they do live in very, very tiny apartments. And besides kitchen, bedrooms, bathroom, there'll usually be one (tiny) living space with just enoguh room for tv and maybe a console. In the kitchen, there will be a transistor-radio or maybe today a DAB+ Radio, a very small one. On top of this, the inlaws will be living there as well, especially if they've lost their husband or wife. There's a reason why the Japanese sort of invented the portable radio, the walkmann and why Sony's PS3 console is very smaller and thinner than Microsoft's Xbox 360 console. The Wii is also a console you can use in the home, it too, is very small.
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