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June 9th, 2012, 01:35
Originally Posted by Lucky Day View Post
likely a cut and paste job sent everywhere he can find his search criteria on google. you'll note he has yet to make another post.
No, everything in my post was in response to something previously said in this thread. It would have taken to long to quote all the various, and would have made an annoyingly long post 2x as long. And I just did this last night, went to bed, when to work, and just now got on again. And I signed up just to respond to this.

I guess that last paragraph was kinda long, but otherwise my paragraph breaks seem proper to me… English class was a few years ago though. Sorry
Edit: Oh, i guess i should double entered… of course it would have made it even longer.

Originally Posted by sakichop View Post
Wow, all that just to justify stealing games.
No, as I said I purchased Morrowind GOTY, Oblivion, and Skyrim. No stealing, or even pirating for that matter. Furthermore I don't need to justify anything, I do what I feel is correct by my own code, and do not care if you approve.
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