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June 9th, 2012, 06:45
Originally Posted by mhorton View Post
No, as I said I purchased Morrowind GOTY, Oblivion, and Skyrim. No stealing, or even pirating for that matter. Furthermore I don't need to justify anything, I do what I feel is correct by my own code, and do not care if you approve.
Well you said you pirated morrowind, so what if you bought it later at a reduced price. You then said you would pirate the next elder scrolls game. Your right though you don't need to justify it to me. You've already justified it to yourself.

You will blame steam because you don't just get 1 of the errors others are reporting, you get ALL of them. I would think you would almost need to work at it to get every error. I would think being a computer tech you'd have no problem getting steam to run. I built my own computer and many others for friends and family and have put steam on every one of them. No one has ever complained of problems with it, to the contrary they usually remark how easy it is and what great deals they have. I've had steam for years, have over 100 games and haven't had an issue, so it will obviously run just fine on a quality and well maintained pc.

I don't know why you have every issue with steam. Maybe it's poor component choice, lack of maintenance, all that pirated software you download, only to uninstall later when you buy it or maybe you simply exaggerate. What ever the reason is don't blame steam when you pirate the next elder scrolls.
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