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June 9th, 2012, 08:39
Yeah, I was mildly worried overall despite the good start but I do believe that the basic goal is feasible at least.

I believe that a better planning for the pledges might have helped, as people seem to be run dry from all the Kickstarters (and seem to need extra incentive or something ). I had only backed Wasteland, Shadowrun and Jane jensen (for a measly 16$ for sentimental reasons mostly) myself… Only waiting for Obsidian now (I know it will be quite a while), unless something really awesome pops up…

Anyways, I wonder if say a 65$ tier with all the rewards from the 50$ and a second copy i.e would have made more sense instead of undermining your profits with 2 at 30$ (new tier)…

Edit: Also, crossbow should have been default. I'd never leave home without it… Err in a zombie apocalypse I mean
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