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June 9th, 2012, 20:05
Originally Posted by rune_74 View Post
Well in imho, bethesda released the best rpg we have had in awhile…seems they would get a bit of slack, but instead we decide that what we don't hold other companies to a certain standard(risen 2 for instance) this sites readers tend to hold the bbigger north american companies to a higher standard. I have no problem with that as long as the aforementioned companies are held to the same standard.

I'm pretty much a fan of any rpg I can get at the moment. I see good and bad in all games, I guess that makes me a unreasonable voice on this forums.
“Critics are our friends, they show us our faults.”Benjamin Franklin
I completed game 3 times for man with full time job that is lot of time so I belive that pretty much says I am hugh fun of skyrim.I just belive that game is not perfect and many things could have been done better especialy for us more experienced players like putting hardcore mode like that on fallout new vegas (Hardcore mod makes Fallout challenging on any difficulty).Some time after release bethesda said on forum that master difficulty properly hasn't been tested.And you have to admit that some things like UI have just been done poorly(I find game to be pretty annoying without skyui mod).bethesda have army of good people so yeah I am going to hold them to highest standard because they could do it better if they wanted to.

btw sorry for unnecessary long post
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