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June 9th, 2012, 19:08
Sigh, yes I knew Steam existed but i never suspected it would be required for a single player game that I bought with a disc. I thought Steam was just a discount download service mostly for older games. And Origin, GFWL, Rockstar Social? I don't know what you mean. I've played Origin games in the past but there wasn't anything like Steam there.

I should clarify that I am a tech in a business environment, so the only game related software I deal with is on my own PC.

One example of hyberbole doesn't justify "all the hyperbole".

Again, the fact that you personally do not have a problem does not prove that I do not. That is a logical fallacy.

The GOY edition is sold at a reduced price upon its release as the extra content is included for free.
That is rediculous reasoning. I don't know how much Marrowind would have sold for when I 1st started playing it, but it was not a new game then. And it wouldn't have come down any by the time a bought GOTY a couple months later. So what if I got some extra content with it. I could have pirated the GOTY version instead, then bought it, but just didn't happen to do so.

Yes, I don't like Steam, because my one and only experience with it has ruined my enjoyment of a game i was looking forward to, and now feel like wasn't worth the $60 i paid for it.

I don't really care what you think of piracy, but you calling me a liar is pretty annoying. I geuss I do care about that.

You all seem to misunderstand. My post wasn't just a rant against Steam, it was responding to multiple comments made throughout this thread, some of which I was agreeing with, some I was refuting. This would have been clearer if I'd have made multiple posts quoting each person. But i didn't want to be that annoying. I do realize my post was excessivily long as it was.

On the positive side, I've now gotten Steam to log in again, and set it to Offline mode, so hopefully I can get into the game again. I just started over with a new character.

Edit: no, now I'm back to "could not connect to steam network. This could be a problem with your internet connection" - no, my internet connection is fine. I'm using it now to look for a crack. Being Offline doesn't matter.
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