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June 10th, 2012, 18:32
Originally Posted by Alrik Fassbauer View Post
It's a bit like Someone is putting something into an microwave oven. How is the person supposed to know that some things must NOT be put and "heated" (however this ominous "heating" process works) into the oven ? That's tech.
But its more like, you do know what goes in a microwave and what does not. But then you buy the same product you've been buying and only when you go to eat it do you find out that you can't microwave it this time. Yes it says it on the package, but why would you bother to read it? And your oven only works sometimes so you have to put off lunch until it does.

But thank you for a giving such reasonable and polite response. There is truth to what you say.

I guess I'm no longer a "gamer" and have become casual. Probably happened when I recently spent 3 years getting an associate degree and didn't have time to play a single game during that time with full time work and 2 hours driving a day. Spent the last year or so catching up.

I think i'm just getting tired of the tech. I'm considering changing careers to be honest, except i'm probably too old. I work in an office/factory supporting PC running MS office, engineering software, in-house software, etc, nothing gaming related. In fact, I'm supposed to remove anything not authorized when I see it, not fix it. At home, I'd rather play a game than read about it on the net, or waste time troubleshooting like I was still at work.

All i knew about Steam last year was a guy I work with, whenever we discussed a less than brand new game, he'd be "Oh you can get that on Steam on sale right now". And I'd say "why pay to download something, and its too big, would take a week on my slow DSL"

I've always been against consoles because anything a console can do a PC can match, plus do so much more. Until motion controls came along, and I got a Wii. I bought both Skyrim and Skyward Sword on SS's release day. I would have gotten Skyrim on release day but PC version was sold out. As the lines continue to blur between them, and PC gaming experience continues to deteriorate I may not be as upset as I have been to see the continual decline of PC gaming.
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