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June 11th, 2012, 09:13
BT3 holds the distinction of being the one game that Richard Garriot really criticized. The fact that he was launching a competitor protect and he realized that BT3 set the bar to a new level..probably had something to do with it.

the BT's brought 3D (2.5D?) out of the wireframe mazes of Wizardry, increased their complexity and size, added color and (gasp) sound. Not only that, by doing so they made the bard a viable character class for the first and only time.

BT3 broke out of being another, better Wizardry and gave you overland travel - something that only Ultima had done decently before, and did it 3D.

For all these technical achievements though, I can't remember an interesting game - not like the intangible qualities that BT1 had - though I remember players who solved it telling me they weren't sure they finished it or not. For all the color and lore that seemed to be behind it, it didn't really explain itself.
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