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June 11th, 2012, 11:49
Originally Posted by Madjack View Post
(As an aside; how many times have I veered off the path thinking there might be something hidden only to find myself facing an impassable rockface again? I don't remember this happening so often in R1 but it seems to be happening all the time in R2. And part of the joy of PB's previous games was finding seemingly illegal ways up rockfaces to inaccessible spots that sometimes the authors recognised as being a bit dodgy? Sometimes the player could even escape the gameworld but it was all part of the fun! No such flexibility in R2 - another example where they've removed gameplay that was fun.)
IMO this is a little bit unfair. As I see it, there are TONS of completely optional locations on the islands of R2 - way more than I remember from R1 actually. Caves with a couple of beasts, a chest or a skeleton plus some loot… as PB usually does this kind of thing.

In short, I'm loving the game so far (15 hours in, did a good chunk of the Sword Coast). It has the typical PB magic and rewards (requires?) a thorough exploration and careful planning of how to build up our character.

I can see your points on the story pacing… I guess it's a matter of taste whether or not it's important for your enjoyment of the game.

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