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June 11th, 2012, 15:04
Thank you.

For a well-organized group, this pit is I think easy to do - you just need real team work :

- 1-2 people take out the mini-portal as soon as they arrive !
- 1-2 people take out the renders as soon as they arrive !
- the rest takes out the huge demon
- plus 1 healer, it's really necessary

Important : 1 person MUST be assigned/designated to take out the portals at all costs ! the rest can easily jump between taking out the renders (they are much, much more easily to take out than the demon itself) and taking out the demon. But 1 person must be assigned to destroying the portals !

This would be 4 people minimum. 6 people would be much, much better, and 8 people is best, everything above that is excellent.

The pit is like a mini-raid. Really, it imho is. You fare best if you apply raid strategies to the demon !

Which brings me to the point I *really* do not understand . why all of these missions are embedded within 1 big mission - and why they are not separate.

Especially the "mini raid" against this huge demon.

And it was hard even for me ! - Level 16 Ranger + level 15 Cleric ! - With 1 summoned "Young Razor Cat", though (which works very well in the Vale, too, as I found out just yesterday : It can even trip down these spider beings ! (The adult Razor Cat has "Improved Trip" , I don't know if the Ranger's summoned Young Razor Cat has it, too.)
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