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June 11th, 2012, 20:13
1. Mature RPG for mature up audiences, realistic and brutal, set in a rich, futuristic world
It sounds like I agree with Alrik on this so you are not alone. I basically gave up complaining about "mature" games on this site because it started too many arguments.

This game could get me interested if it wasn't for that. A Cyberpunk game without magic? A long time coming.

Originally Posted by William Gibson
"…when I see things like Shadowrun, the only negative thing I feel about it is that initial extreme revulsion at seeing my literary DNA mixed with elves. Somewhere somebody's sitting and saying 'I've got it! We're gonna do William Gibson and Tolkien!' Over my dead body!"

(it looks like the thought about suing them for he goes on to say its a "fair cop" because he derived a lot of his ideas from other sources)
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