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June 12th, 2012, 09:46
Originally Posted by jhwisner View Post
Yeah I was really skeptical about this one based on the second/third-hand info I had about it. Really gave me the wrong idea with regard to what the game is all about; for some reason I had been under the misconception that it was a zombie-RPG in that you played zombies.
That must have been fifth-hand information, then - if not worse!

The new physical tiers are pricey - too pricey for me, I think. On the other hand I think it is good that they don't offer tiers that just eat away their time for little extra funding (after deducting production and shipping costs).
I think the stalling is rather normal. Hopefully they'll get some additional coverage or mentions on high profile sites or twitters, and there will be an additional rush over the last few days. At the current rate of $4-5k /day (judging from other game campaings it should stay more or less stable for a while now) they should reach their goal in 10-14 days. I think it has a good chance to reach > $200k in the end.

However I think making part of the stretch goal time-dependen was a bit unwise.
And how about this – if we make our stretch goal within five days, we’ll add the FOUR top weapons on our poll as a bonus. For our first stretch goal, let’s try to reach $180,000.
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