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June 14th, 2012, 11:50
Originally Posted by DArtagnan View Post
If the game wasn't so boring to me now, I'd be there trying to farm a bit for kicks.

I don't expect it to fail - I expect it to take off in a way that will catch most people by surprise. But ultimately, the game needs to improve quite a bit to last long-term.

Oh, I have no doubt that people will be trying to generate a profit from the RMAH for many years, but the game in itself is not perpetually interesting enough to maintain high value for items.

But, if they manage to "fix" it - it just might explode.
This is how I feel about DIII and the whole RMAH as well.

Itemization and progress reminds me of WoW's(loot is determined by which tier you have progressed to)and is terrible for a Diablo game in general.Needs lot's of work.Not to mention "legendary" items are a complete and utter joke.

The game also feels… lifeless, I just miss the way trade(and grouping in general)worked in DII, you had to spam offers, open game rooms etc. now everything is so convenient and neat, I guess most people will disagree with me though.At least the RMAH looks interesting, we'll see how that goes.I am actually looking forward to making some cash from that, now with the crisis and all.

Then there's the story, that's FUBAR.I also hated how the 'villains' described every little thing they did to you, twas hilarious and facepalm-worthy.Perhaps if someone else gets his hands on the story - in a future expansion.. maybe just maybe something can be saved.Oh and the atmosphere for me just died after the first act, feels like there was no work done to immerse the player in the world past that point.

Anyway!I am pretty much done with the game, will give it another chance after one or two major patches.
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