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June 14th, 2012, 14:24
Originally Posted by holeraw View Post
I assume even if EA would bother they would first request that you change the name before even considering ruining you and devouring your soul. Nonetheless the fact that most people here are more inclined to talk about EA and Ultima instead of what you're presenting should be an indication that the name doesn't give the most appropriate first impression. It does attract some attention (in the second it took me to realize that this had nothing to do with Ultima I had already clicked on the thread) but it also attracts completely unfair comparisons and such off topic discussions. And to be honest, if I suspected that you did it on purpose to take advantage of the obvious association I would be far less willing to look into your game.
I do see what you mean, but this is actually the first thread that anyone's ever mentioned the Ultima series (well, apart from one post out of 50 pages' worth on Bay12). Anyway, yes - let's talk less about being sued and more about the game (if anyone has anything they want to ask, anyway!). I'm still aiming for June 30th for 0.0.1, and having just acquired some coffee and lunch, I'm going to get started on today's coding…
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