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June 15th, 2012, 11:02
Originally Posted by Alrik Fassbauer View Post
In short : I'm thinking just too complex. I always did. Look into my thread "A Thought" for proof.
Welcome to my world. You're probably just attacking problems from twenty different angles at the same time, like me… never really getting closer to the core of it, but only expanding until it gets completely unmanageable and gets out of hand. Or with every step, you branch into more nodes of possible problems and/or solutions until there is no clear view anymore.

The trick is to force your way to the solution and ignoring those nagging thoughts that drag you away from the goal. It's incredibly difficult and feels wrong, but for someone like me, sometimes it's better to plough ahead and clean up the mess later than it is to keep banging your head at an increasingly growing wall of potential bumps in the road.
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