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June 17th, 2012, 01:27
Originally Posted by blackcanopus View Post
I played it today and I'm yet to finish it, but as far as I know, the quest does not end in the storm island. Extra content has been added to the entire game, in form of gargoyles which you have to find and exterminate
Not enough to justify the price, but I'm pretty sure it's not a one hour deal.
As I said the Storm Island takes an hour max (literally just the island). Which is true. There is nothing there. Just the beach with that Crusoe guy and then a linear narrow path winding up the mountain and ending up at the air temple which is just as small as all of the other temples in the game.
There is a thread at the German WoR forums where a lot of people posted their save game times (arrival at and departure from the island) and a lot of people were under the one hour mark. That's why I said one hour if you play thoroughly (which is unnecessary since there is nothing really there that requires a thorough approach but you'll only know that in hindsight, of course).

Killing off the other gargoyles on the known islands is quickly done since they all spawn near the coast and in some cases can already be seen from the ship even… with the exception of the Sword Coast where it actually takes a little bit of effort to find them. I'd estimate another hour here for all islands so the entire DLC content can be done in ~2 hours if you take your time. If you use quest markers to track down the gargoyles and play on easy or normal so that you can finish off the gargoyles very quickly then we're closer to 90 minutes territory.

Anyway, the main point was that the originally advertised "8 hours" of additional content was one of the most blatant lies that has been made in DLC history yet. This kind of rip-off crap is exactly what's giving the term "DLC" a bad rep and what needs to stop.
Every publisher should be working towards and contributing to the goal that the term "DLC" becomes associated with "additional quality content that is fairly priced" instead of the all too common "overpriced crap made up from leftovers" association.
With the Air Temple Deep Silver has unfortunately helped to promote the latter definition…
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