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June 17th, 2012, 13:12
I have had the habit of checking these forums for a while and it has been great fun to follow the threads but not until I saw this I felt the urge to create an account and reply. Better late than never I guess

Anyway - this review is just so wrong. I picked up the game on Steam couple of days ago, enticed by the different setting and what looked like some unique game mechanics. Also the obvious steal from the old Swedish pen and paper RPG Mutant that I used to play a lot as a kid where something that made me buy the game (Im also from Sweden, as the devs, strange is that I had never heard of them before, don't think they made any other rpg)

So what about the game and the review? After 20 hours of game time I am still enjoying it and that alone deserved better than 1 out of 5. I might be totally wrong but I normally have a pretty mainstream taste in games (Diablo, Fallout etc).

The game do come with flaws and is pretty unpolished (but they seem to be adamant with fixing that, got three patches over the last days) but I somehow get the feeling that the reviewer gave it 30 minutes or something. He reviews an ARPG, which probably is what you think you are playing the first two three quests without exploring anything of the underlying mechanics. And from that perspective I can understand that the game feels pretty bland.

What irritate me the most is that a game that actually feels like it dares to try to create something new (not always successfully but still a decent try) is written of as a mindless copy of other games (where do that whole Martian thing come from anyway).

Sorry for the long rant just needed to vent
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