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June 18th, 2012, 17:58
I'm about 90% done with Geneforge 2. Its very derivative of GF1 which is a bit of a drag. I just don't care who came from Sucia island, and the answer is apparently "everyone" anyway! It also makes it alarmingly elusive to play as a Shaper should you choose to align with them - since they really don't appear to want the player character. As a result I'm unaligned and I've already removed one of the factions entirely. I'm about ready to go scorched earth on everyone. Let God sort it all out.

I'm planning on playing GF3 but I hope the story shifts into a new gear. I know Geneforge 4 does that in spades so here is to hoping. Also the inventory system and encumbrance is driving me crazy. Too many trips to town. Too many rooms full of loot with noone to sell to. Difficult to sift through all the junk with the ancient interface. Minor gripe I suppose, but I started the series with GF4 which spoiled me…
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